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Jolly is an innovation in the vacuum world. It is a single vacuum motor in a plastic case, which can be mounted either in , or, on a perimeter wall of the building, or even more in any wall. Its characteristics are very similar to the traditional vacuums, but it also provides the user with most of the features of a central vacuum system, such as versatility of use, discharge of micro dust outside the vacuum power. The ease with which it is mounted makes it perfect for installation even in existing buildings.


The Jolly system is used for installation in homes in the following specifications:
1. Surface area capacity to be cleaned in between 45 and 90 m2 for each installed module, depending on the layout of the area and how the side discharge is set.
2. 9 meters flexible hose.
3. 220/240 V ac single phase power
4. Discharge of air to the outside
5. Use of each module by one operator simultaneously.
6. Possibility of installation in the center of a room on inserts, using the box provided with side discharge.


The vacuum modules of the Jolly series offer the possibility of arranging the system by inserting the wall box and extension hose in the perimeter walls or in its inserts.
There is no need for hard piping under the floor.
The presence of a heat sensor to protect the motor, guarantees automatic shut down and restart, in the event of malfunction.
Signal light when bag is full.
Motor protection fuse.
Easily replaced dust bag.
Visible panel with embossed finishing (rough) in order to be painted the same colour as the walls; panel also available in two other versions: gained wood and light carbon.
Insulation category 2 (it does not require to be earthed).


The construction is made entirely of vibration proof and sound proof plastic. It offers the possibility of attaching any accessory found in the catalogue. Installation and layout of the system are economically advantageous. Vacuum module available in two versions: with standard hose (Jolly), or, with low voltage hose fitted with on/off switch (Jolly Contact).