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Sistem CUBE has all the specifications of a traditional Sistem Air centralized vacuum system, that is:
-requires the positioning of a piping network,
-sends micro dust outside3 and requires the use of simple flexible hose to clean the house.
-compact size (30 cm x 30 cm) that makes it possible to install it in very small spaces such as under a sink, in the store room or on the kitchen balcony.

SISTEM CUBE is the best option for installing centralized vacuum systems in vertical buildings. The installation foresees the use of a 40 mm diameter pipe, which is very useful in the case of houses with thin foundation, and with a walling up template that allows a complete fitting of the system. The central unit clicks into the template using special hooks. Sistem Air provides Sistem Cube with three different kits, complete with pre-installation, respectively with on e, two or three sockets and with all the material needed to complete the pre-installation. The central vacuum units of the Sistem CUBE series are designed to cope with and resolve problems in domestic environments especially in apartment buildings. Built entirely of PP-ABS plastic, it stands out for its sturdiness and reliability, together with a simple, basic line.