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-Thanks to IP 44 insulation level, the installation is allowed even in humid places, on balconies and boiler rooms.
-They are equipped of safety thermic sensor for protection of motor, with switching off and automatic restoration in case of fault.
-Possibly of connections to pipes net with dust entry on right and on left, while the air discharge can be carried (left/right) or frontal.
-They are predisposed to accept pipes of diameter 40 and 50 mm.
-Filter cartridge with advanced technology.
-Soft start device to reduce consumption during motor start.
-High sound-proofing level, thanks to adoption of sound absorbent devices for all unit components.
-Built-in case of installation proneness.
-Pearl aesthetic finishing.
-Equipped with dedicated accessories kit.


Thanks to generation motors and to careful planning , the Wolly unit allows to do cleaning on surfaces up to 30 ma in only 63 cm of height and 43 cm of width, and with the thickness of only 17.5 cm the Woolly unit can be easily positioned on balconies and perimeter walls. A particular care has ben placed during the planning phase to the reduction of unit noisiness: using sound absorbent materials on the different components of the machine, along with the used technical details, Woolly is the built-int unit at the top of the class in quietness terms.