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Tecno Star

Installation Area

The TECNO Star central vacuum unit is recommended for residential and has the following characteristics:

1. Recommended surface area to be cleaned between 300 and 450m2
2. Vacuum network built with 50 mm diameter and 63 mm inlet connector to the central unit.
3. 220/240 V ac single phase power Air vent
5. Use of the system with up to two operators simultaneously (once as the piping network has been properly installed).

Particular Characteristics of the Product

1. The TECNO Star range offers the possibility of connecting to the piping network with attachments from either the right or left.
2. It is fitted with safety heat sensors to protect the motors and with automatic shut down or restart, in the event of irregularities.
3. The polyester filter cartridge is certified BIA – USG and can have washed with water.
4. Its extremely quiet thanks to its large soundproof motor compartment.
5. It offers the possibility of connecting up an auxiliary maintenance warning signal (optional usage).
6. The possibility of viewing the maintenance cycles from a remote control modem.
7. The product stands out for its category 1 insulation category.
8. The central unit has two motors that give greater vacuum power when necessary.
9. Delayed startup of the second motor to avoid high absorption while starting.
10. The user can obtain maximum vacuum power by using the Turbo function, due to the use of two motors on a single micro line.
11. A differentiated startup of the motors can be obtained thanks to the creation of two separate micro lines.
12. TECNO Star also has a built in computer to control and manage the maintenance cycles.
13. The machine unit features epoxy powder painted metal with ah support base, and dust container fitted with wheels to make emptying it easier.
14. Electronic selection and motor start up board to reduce absorption peak at start up.