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A blackout can happen at any time. An inverter power Backup system can supply electricity to critical loads or the entire house when the grid power (KPLC) is down. This system works by storing power from the main grid into a set of batteries through the inverter charger. When the main grid is down, DC power is drawn from these batteries through the inverter which convert the DC power to AC power that modern conventional devices use thus providing uninterrupted power.  The backup can last from a few minutes to hours depending on sizing.

Inverter PowerInverter Power

When you are choosing the type of your power backup system to install, two main factors are considered:

A. The total watt power of the devices that need to be backed up

Equipment Wattage Quantity Total Watt
Energy Saving Bulb 11 10 110
29” Television 150 1 150
DTSV 30 1 30
DVD 30 1 30
Home Theater  System 50 1 50
Fridge 200 1 200
Freezer 300 1 300

B. The number of hours you need the backup to last

This will determine the number/size of batteries to be used.

Why use a power backup system?
•             They do not produce noise and air pollution
•             They require low operational cost and low maintenance
•             They are free of fuel overheads, unlike diesel generators
•             They comfortably substitute conventional generator sets
•             They occupy small space for installation
•             They are compatible with the existing wiring configuration


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