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Solar Showers - SJET- Normal

The result of the combination of the latest solar technology achievements and the Italian creative design and well known quality, the solar shower for outdoor are an absolute news in the solar market.Prestigious example of the "Made in Italy" the solar showers are designed to be free from panels and extra storage tanks.Free standing and just beautifull.Very easy to install and move if necessary, they can be connected even just a hose pipe or a normal pipe without any extra plumping required.Only 4 screws fix the showers to the chosen surface.no breakages of floors and pool is needed.

Solar Shower SJET Normal


  • The solar pipe, the basement and all accessories are made of AISI 31 6L stainless steel.

  • The solar tube of the Maxi shower (picture on the right) is enamelled steel, whereas the base is 4 mm thick galvanised steel.

  • The hydraylic accessories such as the water mixer, the showerhead, ect are in noble material suitable treated.

  • The design of the shower and their round shape have benn specially conceived to allow sun's energy absorption at 360 degrees.

  • The greenhouse effect is acheived thanks to a methacrylate tube, which is the same material used for plane windows because it keeps cinstantly transparent even after a long time granting the best efficiency in lsolar energy absorption.

  • The rubber seals are made of the same material used in the car industry, and they have been speciallly conceived for outdoor.

  • The solar shower normal can provide about 120 Lt.



Water Capacity

28 Lt

Cold Water Inlet


Calibration of the Safety valve

6 (Bar)

Gross weight

12 Kg


35*35*230 cm

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