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190 Litres Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
Flat Panel Solar Collector 190 Litres Flat Panel Solar Collector with Tank

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High Quality remains to be standard.We pay attention to the technical as well as aesthetic details.

Solar Collector

2 unit of AES 950 OL



Tube Dimension

Ø 28-12 mm

Gross Area

1,85  m2

Net Absorber Area

1,62  m2

Empty Weight

32,4 kg

Surface Coating

Painted fin-type copper absorbers welded to copper tubes by
ultrasonic welding method


Tempered solar  glass, 4mm


Back :  rockwool-40 mm,coated with glass tissue
Side:   glasswool-20 mm coated with glass tissue


Hot Water Tank

P 190S OL, 190 lt. capacity

Working Principle

Pressurized Open loop, collector-tank connection on side


Ø 600 X 1200 mm.

Tank Insulation

50 mm. injected polyurethane 

Tank Internal Protection

enatech  porcelain enamel coating 150-400 micrones

External Casing

Case: Colorcoated®  galvanized steel  / Caps: UV-Proof ABS plastic 

Cathodic Protection

Magnesium anode rod, 50 cm


Modular Stand and Accessories

Option 1:TFR 45-2 (T. Syphonic Flat Roof Structure for 2 Panels)
Option 2:TIR 2       (T. Syphonic Inclined Roof  Structure for 2 Panels)
A combination of electrogalvanized steel frames & aliminium profiles

Included in the system

Copper + flexible insulated tank- collector connection pipes

MG anode protection is mounted on the tank

All products are delivered  in carton boxes

Ask for the instruction manual for a breakdown of all components

Optional Components

Electrical element with thermostat- 2 kw

Cold Water Line

Please ask for the prices of the optional components