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Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater



Flat Panel Solar Water Heating


Water heating is normally responsible for approximately between 40 to 50% of our power bills*. Solar water heaters have become in the past decades the easiest and fastest way of slashing the power bill without having to incur in major investments. They are in fact the most affordable solar powered solution at present. Normally the investment is gained back in approximately 1 year for domestic installations and 4 to 5 years for commercial ones from the saving off the power bill**. After that, the system gives free hot water for many years to come.

Despite the fact that solar water heaters cannot produce 100% of the hot water required throughout the year and sometimes might need to be electrically boosted, they represent a very relevant element for power saving. In the blessed Kenyan climate, the systems can provide up to 90% of the hot water demand in a good-sized system (differences might incur depending on the exact location).

The technology on solar thermal products has made huge progress in the past years putting onto the market more and more reliable, durable and effective solar water heating units. Product designers have also put a lot of effort in improving the esthetical impact of products like solar water heaters that are going to be on our roofs or in our public areas. The heat pipe system is definitely a good example of the effort taken with its clean, modern and technological look, the hidden piping and the attention to details up to the mounting kit.

In Europe and other countries, since several years, solar water heating has become compulsory in all new buildings and Kenya has taken the same action and made it into law that all new builings MUST have the Solar Water Heating (Draft Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations, 2010)